Project Theme

In recent years, there has been a growing interest from the public on the effect human activity will have on the climate in the future and how individuals contribute to this problem in their daily lives. Because of this, the project theme for this quarter will be “Sustainability”! This can relate broadly to designing for users who are interested in living more sustainably by providing them structure to do so.


Waste Not, Want Not

Reducing Food Waste Through Communal Sharing

Team: Apollo Zhu, Derek Carlson, Isabella Nguyen, Kate Wilkinson

Faster Fashion

A Mobile App for UW Students to Buy, Sell, and Trade Clothes

Team: Diane Du, Lani Dang, Kristy Nhan, Eman Mustefa


Sustainable Grocery Shopping Made Simple

Team: David Hewett, Sami Foell, Julia Wang, Niklas Britz

Husky Waste!

Educational Curriculum for Waste Sorting

Team: Xiang Liu, Miranda Ma, Tia Pham, Audrey Tseng


A Waste Sorting System for Restaurants

Team: Kashish Aggarwal, Muskan Bawa, James Liu, Faith Mathison

E-Z E-Recycling

An Easier Way to Recycle

Team: Caroline Freer, Yun Hou, Leah Robinson


Supporting Your Local Farmers with Fun

Team: Claire Tao, Pulkit Singhal, Qiubei Li


Drip, Drop. Save a Lot

Team: Abosh Upadhyaya, Clarissa Choe, Vincent Liu

Sustainable Slay

Reducing the Footprint Behind Your Footprints Around Town

Team: Beatrix Teng, Himani Nijhawan, Krithika Satish, Priti Das


Promoting Sustainable Clothing

Team: Amrutha Srikanth, Lydia Soliman, Nardin Eshak, Simran Malhi

Clip It

"Clip" Food Waste in the Bud

Team: Adithi Raghavan, Khushi Shashidhar, Ben Zhang, Sarah Khan


Energy Saving Made Easy

Team: Sierra Lee, Tyler Nguyen, Yu Hao Wong


The Place to Grow Your Perfect Plant

Team: Diandre Sabale, Kriti Vidya, Ruolin Chen


Fashion Impact Insights, Bringing Sustainability In Sight

Team: Jaela Field, Kyler Gray, Noa Ferman


Putting the Sustainability in Sustenance

Team: Patrick Ho, Brian Liang, Justin Yang


Contraception Planning Made Simple

Team: Vaibhav Bakhshi, Owen Du, Juan Gonzalez, Henry Zhuo

Meet Dub

The End of the Ave-ngers

Team: Allan Tran, Elizabeth Castillo, Kevin Choi, Navkiran Nijjar


Recycle and Compost Right!

Team: Nate Chen, Tiffany Guo, Chae Won Lee, Elizabeth Xiong

Mindful Mates

Relationships Made Sustainable

Team: Yerim Heo, Katelyn Mei, Pu Thavikulwat, Hawa Drammeh