Project Theme

In the last year, various crises at the local, national, and global levels have laid bare the many inequities that different groups in our society currently face. Thus, this offering’s project theme will be “reducing disparities”, where this can be broadly construed to relate to helping groups of people gain access to information, resources, support, connections, communities, opportunities, etc. that other groups may more easily access for various reasons. 


Getting Ahead(Set)

Helping Chinese Immigrants Get Ahead(set) In the Hospital

Team: Eric Chan, Lindo Do, Mayki Hu, George Zhang


A New and COVID Friendly Way to Meet Your Future Furry Friend

Team: Patrick Render, Joonyoung Chong (Joon), Lizzie Gossman, Yanjie Niu


Working Towards A Safer Online Sex Community

Team: Juan Martinez, Milla Zuniga, Yuxiao Shi, Autumn Liu

MARS AR Creator

Bring a Universe of Field Trips into Your Virtual Classroom

Team: Mariam Mayanja, Scott Swartz, Angkana Rattanasouk, Ryan Tannenberg


A tool to help people with food allergies find enjoyable restaurants

Team: Nathan Chia, Victor Kuan, Leo Tsai, Sherry Yang


Affordable Sound Recognition at Home for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Parents

Team: Mallory Johnson, Maurice Montag, Jacob van't Hoog, Khoa Nguyen


Keep your students on track with AiBuddy

Team: Phillip Tran, Nicoletta Gilbertson, Ray Fung, Alex McGregor


Finding Home in the Grocery Store with GrocerHub

Team: Daphne Hsu, Shreya Jayaraman, Ryan Liang, Kris Wong


Learn, Find, and Connect: Making sure our communities have enough to eat

Team: Linda Vong, Abby Ellis, David Zarate, Danica Villez


Rerouting Consumers to Small Businesses

Team: Claudia Coulibaly, David Lee, Ethan Pyke, Larry Shan


Empowering Low-Income Youth through Sports

Team: Shayan Nathan, Fadel Shitui, Libby Knell

Invest Now

Learn how to earn a piece of the economic pie through investment

Team: Joely Swartz, Amber Xu, Danh Luong


Improving the College Application and Transition Process for First-Gen Students

Team: Elana Hummel, Ethan Sylvia, Hank Tadeusiak


Serving Our Seniors

Team: Morgan Graham, Wednesday Wolf, Marlena Rehder, Paari Gopal


Nursing Mental Health: Care for Those Who Care

Team: Alex Fu, Anne Pham, Chris Yuen, Sophia Hwang


It's a Better Way to Move to America

Team: Akif Ahmed, Isabelle Donsbach, Truc Nguyen, Ken Aragon


Fueling local communities, one plate at a time

Team: Jimmy Nguyen, Richard Jiang, Sabrina Pearson, Yuji Lai