Project Theme

In recent years, young people have had to face an increasing number of responsibilities and stressors both personal and societal, from dealing with the pandemic, to worrying about climate disasters, to navigating a difficult job market and economy, to concern over the functioning of our local communities and national government. Thus, this offering’s project theme will be (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) "adulting", where this can be broadly construed to relate to helping people gain any form of self-actualization---whether that be as a worker, a citizen, a community member, a student, a parent, or just an independent and thriving person!



Keeping In Touch

Team: Aydan Bailey, Kenny Ma, Claire Nikong, Jiamae Wong


A Mobile App to Help Immigrants Learn English SLang

Team: Catherina Guevara, Corinne Herzog, Kevin Yang


Reimagining Allergy Management

Team: Emily Chang, Kyrie Dowling, Simona Liao, Felicia Yan


An Ally to You, An Enemy to Allergens

Team: Merhawi Abraha, Loni Tra, Ethan Chen


A Financial Management Tool for Modern Relationships

Team: Peyton Lee, Joseph Schafer, Susie Shen, Ally Zitzka


The Latest in Treehouse Technology

Team: Eric Banisadr, Gisella Gunawan, Vania Widjaya, Alex Zhou

Career Compass

Navigating the Job Switch Journey

Team: Amanda Ha, Andrea Ha, Max Haak, Ilya Kuksenko, Logan Wang


A Way to Make Connections Along Your Fitness Journey

Team: Camden Foucht, Tad Grindeland, Aaron Meheret


Connect via Connect

Team: Abheek Chakrabarti, Nick Marzetti, Edan Sneh, Bella Rivera


Safe Drinking in the Palm of Your Hand

Team:Jacinda Eng, Olivia Mirascian, Yufan Mou, Tina Thai

Find My Career

Your Perfect Career is One Text Away...

Team: Hritik Aggarwal, Jay Grinols, Mark Lei


Stress-Free Pregnancy

Team: Winston Jodjana, Jevin Kosasih, Kenzie Mihardja, Andrea Muljono


Making Friends Over Food

Team: Jason Guo, Greg Senk, Michael Sy

Food Print

No Waste Planet!

TeamAdrian Dinh, Sunny Lee, Ermain Wei, Jun Yu

Hidden Gem

Become a Local in Your New City

Team: Jacqueline Hunter, Evan Huynh, Wanda Kuang, Dylin Stoen


Finding the Perfect Fit For Your Career

Team: Wesley Lam, Audrey Ma, Mitchell Wong, Rachel Ye

Love is Blind

Improving Tinder UX for the Blind

Team: Ramya Bhagirathi, Shawn Lee, Aisha Magsi, Austin Wong