The Problem

It's Hard to Keep Track

With so many usernames, passwords, and security questions to keep track of, it can be difficult to manage accounts without cutting corners on security, like reusing passwords or not frequently checking for suspicious account activity.

It's hard to keep accounts safe

Each account has its own security protocol, and it's difficult to know exactly what to do to keep each individual account safe, which is why it's no surprise that 1 in 5 American consumers have had an online account compromised.

It's hard to find help

When an account is compromised, the process of account recovery is complex and time-consuming. To make it worse, it can take hours of waiting through automated phone machines before actually getting any help.

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Design Features

Store Account Information

Easily store information for all of your accounts to keep track of usernames, passwords, security questions, and more.

Protect your accounts

NotE uses facial recognition to only show account information to recognized users, keeping account information secure if the notebook is lost or stolen.

Password Update Notifications

NotE tracks when the password for each account was last updated and gives notifications to remind you to update in order to keep your accounts secure.

Track Account Activity

NotE automatically tracks the activity for all linked accounts for and sends you notifications if it detects any suspicious activity with an account.

Get Assistance with account issues

Simply press the help button on each account page in order to receive assistance with recovering an account after it has been compromised.

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Our Team

Augustina Liu

Product Manager

Human Centered Design & Engineering

Bill Phung

Design Researcher

Computer Science & Engineering

Celeste Bjorke

UX Designer

Computer Science & Engineering

Ethan Cui

Design Researcher

Computer Science & Engineering

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