Your Best Writing Friend Is Now Available On Your Phone

OutWrite proposes a way to store notes, as well as organize plot and character development, that could be easily tailored to an author’s routine.

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Problem Overview

Being a fiction writer can be tough - trying to be organized and looking for creativity can be two conflicting priorities for an author. By materializing their thoughts and inspirations as notes or drawings on their notebook, loose sheets of paper, or their mobile phone, authors are always striving to ensure that creativity is not compromized. However, having to organize all these resources eventually to create a novel is a huge challenge. What if there was a way for a writer to centralize their notes in one place with features that specifically support fiction writing?

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Marisa Yamasaki

Undergraduate Student in CSE

Alisha Meherally

Undergraduate Student in CSE

Kevin Jung

Undergraduate Student in CSE

Fengjun Dong

Undergraduate Student in CSE


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