Helping you conveniently manage the wellness of your puppy by automatically collecting, relaying, and delivering information to the palm of your hand.


The Problem

Puppies requires a lot of time and effort! For most puppy owners, raising a new pup can become overwhelming at times.

Adolescent dogs require a lot of oversight, and it is easy to lose track of things, especially when an owner relies on their memory. Although owners can record information manually, tools such as written schedules are difficult to change dynamically and are inconvenient.

Design Process

We performed two contextual inquiries and multiple interviews to get an idea of the needs of our user base. We then formulated possible designs from this research, sketching each of them. Once we chose our final design, we created a paper prototype and refined it through two heuristic evaluations and three usability tests. Finally, we created a digital mockup of our final design.

Our Solution

Our design, Bork, helps ease the process of owning a young dog by minimizing the analysis and tracking an owner has to do. Bork automatically detects health and wellness information through a specialized dog collar and relays that data to an owner’s phone application. The Bork app is able to inform and notify owners based on the analysis it does on the data it receives, ultimately streamlining the puppy management process.



Puppy Profiles and History

Bork supports owners who have multiple puppies, allowing users to create profiles for each dog. The menu allows an owner to log potty events or symptoms, as well as see a feed of recent events.

bobo menu

Potty Tracking

From the menu, owners can choose if a potty event was accidental or intentional, and record the event. Bork provides potty analysis, including potty frequency and accident frequency.

potty menu
add accident
potty data

Health Tracking

Bork will detect symptoms and alert the owner, or they can manually add symptoms. Users can review past health events and keep an eye on symptom trends.

health menu
add symptom
health history

Video Prototype

Digital Prototype


Harrison Kwik

Yolanda Liang
golden retriever

Kim Lum
boston terrier