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Let’s find parking together!

SimPark adds convenience in finding parking spaces using data driven crowdsourcing.

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About SimPark

By using SimPark, tracking available parking locations is made simple. Easily find parking spaces anytime, anywhere. The app automatically considers your parking preferences and suggests parking spaces based on them.

232 Parking Spaces Found
79 Parking Reviews Gathered
1,463 Parking Spaces Suggested
150 Parking Spaces Available


Visual Interface

Search For Parking

Find parking spaces based on time and location.

Identify Best Parking Options

Provide parking options sorted by various factors, such as price, distance, or reviews.

View Parking Options Easily

Parking options are displayed on map or as a list.

Learn About Parking Options

See various photos, reviews and ratings of the selected parking.

Manage Plans Easily

Browse, edit and change your planned parking drives.

Share Parking Experience

Leave feedback to improve parking experience.

Speech Interface

Speak to find the perfect parking space without being distracted by your mobile device.
Get the updated parking information when parking status changes.

Adjusts To Needs

Identify Parking Habits

Learns about your parking habits based on frequent parking spaces and preferences.

Share Parking Experience

Share your thoughts about parking spots by leaving comments and feedback.

Integrated with Your Navigational Tool

Navigation experience is customized with Google Maps, Apple Maps, etc.

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Our Team

Sephr Hakami Computer Science
Kathryn Chan Computer Science
Adilene Pulgarin Computer Science
Umang Sehgal Informatics