An intelligent, adaptive posture tracker.

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How it Works

BackTrack helps you discover when, why, and how your posture changes throughout the day.

3-Dimensional Tracking

Target problem areas with real-time feedback about back, neck, and shoulder position. BackTrack also calibrates to common work activities, such as standing and sitting.

Subtle Notifications

Instead of vibration, BackTrack's wristband provides a gentle squeeze to remind you when to sit up.

AI for Your Spine

Tie your shoes with dignity, not notifications. Teach BackTrack which types of movements to ignore.

Smartwatch Integration

BackTrack works with your existing wearables. Get information about your posture without ever opening an app.

Video Prototype

A promotional video demonstration of BackTrack.

Design Research

Getting the Right Design (Report)

Getting the Right Design (Slides)

Getting the Design Right (Report)

Getting the Design Right (Slides)

The Team

Daniel Hua
Undergraduate CSE

Ashley Lindsey
Graduate MSIM (UX) LinkedIn

Michael Stepanovic
Graduate MSIM (DS) LinkedIn

Yuqian Sun
Undergraduate HCDE