Overview of Problem and Solution

Many consumers are in the dark about their home energy usage. Other than monthly utility bills, there isn't an easy way for homeowners to monitor their usage and see where or how they could save money, and as a result, most people only have a broad sense of what their home energy usage is like. They can see from a high level how their usage varies over time, but many lack access to the specific information needed to not only show them how they can save money, but also motivate them to actually follow through with it.

We at JuiceBox intend to develop an application that monitors, tracks, and displays a user's home energy usage, so that users can not only see more specifically how they currently use energy, but also see how they can reduce their energy bills through purchasing more energy efficient appliances and by changing specific lifestyle behaviors. By providing users with more information about their home energy usage, we hope to both help users reduce their energy bills as well as help our society as a whole collectively reduce our environmental footprint.