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Tue 9/30

As We May Think by Vannevar Bush

Tools For Thought Ch 9 (Engelbart Demo)

Thur 10/2

Chapter 3 of Contextual Design


Tue 10/7

Chapter 3 of The Design of Sites

The Discipline of Teams

Lewis & Reiman Chapter 2
Thur 10/9

Pg. 35-51 from Buxton's Sketching User Experiences

Tips for Working Successfully in a Group by Randy Pausch

Hektner, J. M., & Csikszentmihalyi, M. (2002). The experience sampling method: Measuring the context and content of lives

Tue 10/14

Beaudouin-Lafon & MacKay, pp. 1-22

Video Prototyping Examples



Tue 10/21

Ch. 2: The Human Information Processor, from The Psychology of Human-Computer Interaction By Stuart K. Card, Thomas P. Moran, & Allen Newell, 1983, pp. 23-83

Thur 10/23

Norman Chapter 1 (subset)

Tue 10/28

Lewis & Rieman 4.3-4.4

Nielsen HE chapter (read 5 links under "Jakob Nielsen's Online Writings on Heuristic Evaluation")

Thur 10/30

Chapter 2 of The Design of Sites

Patterns C2, K2, H1, B4, M2, M3 from The Design of Sites

"E13 - Notification on Access of Personal Data" pattern from the Digital Home patterns

Tue 11/4

Snyder, Paper Prototyping, Ch. 4

Discussion of guidelines for user observation
By Kathleen Gomoll and Anne Nichol

Tue 11/11

Chapter 4 of The Design of Sites

What do Prototypes Prototye? by Houde and Hill



The Perils of Prototyping by Alan Cooper

Thur 11/20

Mullet & Sano, Designing Visual Interfaces, Ch. 2 and Ch. 5


Tue 12/2

Appendix A from The Design of Sites

Gomoll paper


Statistica Ch1, and parts of Ch3

Lewis & Rieman Ch. 5


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