Homework Policy

There will be weekly problem sets, generally due on Fridays. Homework should be handed in at the beginning of lecture on the day it is due. Late problem sets will not receive credit. (If a genuine emergency situation prevents you from handing in an assignment on time, come talk to one of us and we can work something out. Similarly, if you can anticipate an extraordinary or unusual circumstance that will necessitate an extension, please talk to us ahead of time.)

Collaboration: Unless we specifically state otherwise, we permit collaboration on the problem sets to the extent of formulating ideas as a group, provided (1) You spend at least 30 minutes on each and every problem alone, before discussing it with others (this might seem very restrictive, but this will almost certainly help you in the midterm and final exams), (2) You write up each and every problem in your own writing, using your own words, and understand the solution thoroughly and completely, and (3) You clearly acknowledge and list the names of everyone that you discussed the problem set with.

Honor Code/Cheating:

Your solutions to the problem sets must be original work (modulo collaboration as permitted above). Copying someone else's solutions obviously counts as cheating (see below), as does copying the homework from another source (the web, other classes, etc.). The questions in the problem sets have been carefully selected for their pedagogical value and may be similar or even identical to questions on problem sets from past offerings of this course at UW or similar courses at other universities. Using any pre-existing solutions from these sources, or using solution material from the Web is strictly prohibited.

Cheating is a very serious offense. If you are caught cheating, you can expect a failing grade and initiation of a cheating case in the University system. Basically, cheating is an insult to the instructor, to the department and major program, and most importantly, to you. If you feel that you are having a problem with the material, or don't have time to finish an assignment, or have any number of other reasons to cheat, then talk with the instructor. Just don't cheat.