[10/20] Homework 1 scores are out! If you think a mistake has been made grading one of your submissions, you'll have an opportunity to request a regrade. Otherwise you can resubmit two problems along with Homework 2. Make sure to also fill out the form on the assignments page if you resubmit.

[10/14] Homework 2 is now posted.

[10/5] Homework 1 is out! (see the Assignments tab) and Office hours start today (take a look at the calendar)

CSE2 (Gates) is the building where lecture happens. Most office hours are on the first floor (one-floor up from lecture). CSE1 (Allen) is accross the street. The breakouts are open areas with big whiteboards near the elevators and main staircase. Zoom links will go on the pinned thread of links on Ed.