CSE/STAT 416 Registration FAQ

For common questions about registration, please refer to the questions below.

Q: There are no spots left in CSE 416. Can I have an add code?

Please also check STAT 416. They are the same course, offered at the same time, by the same instructor. There are sometimes spots open in that course.

We generally will not overload the class, so you will need to wait for a spot to open using a service like NotifyUW to email/text you when a spot opens up. Make sure have notifications for both CSE and STAT 416 since both classes are the same, but are listed under different numbers.

If you have further questions or an extenuating circumstance, please contact the Allen School Advising team or the Advising in the Department of Statistics. Do not email the instructor asking for an add code, the instructors do not have any.

Q: I am waiting for a spot in the class, can I get added to the course tools / have access to the Zoom link before I'm registered?

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide access to course materials before you are registered for the course. This is partially to follow federal guidelines when it comes to protecting student data and also because our course tools are synced with the official enrollment and make adding extra students difficult. You will need to wait for a spot to open before being added.

Q: I really want to take the course, but I don't meet the prerequisite. Can I have an add code?

We are glad you are excited about the course! So are we! However, the prerequisites are there for a reason, since we need you to be familiar with programming in a language like Python or Java and you need to have sufficient mathematical preparation in statistical thinking from a course in the stats prereq. While it is possible for students to be successful in the course coming from different backgrounds, it can be quite difficult so the recommended option for most students is to take the prereqs before enrolling in the course. The course is offered at least once every year, so you should have a chance to take it in the future.

We recognize that is not feasible for every student and that some students (particularly grad students) do have adequate preparation but from courses at other universities, so we have a form you can fill out to request one of the prereqs being waived. The form link changes for each quarter the course is offered, so please don't fill out the link if it's listed for a quarter other than the one you are intending to register for the course:

The form above is just to ask for a waiver in the prerequisites for the course. It is not requesting an add code for general situations, and filling out the form does not guarantee a spot in the class.

Q: Does it matter if I take the CSE or STAT version?

No, they are the exact same course so it doesn't matter which one you take. Do not email the instructor asking for an add code to a different section of the course, the instructors do not have any add codes. Any questions about registration should go to the Allen School Advising team or the Advising in the Department of Statistics.