HW6 - k-means with Text Data

Due Tuesday 08/09 at 11:59 pm.


You may submit any part of the assignment as many times as you want before the late cutoff (remember submitting after the due date will cost late days). Everything must be submitted on Gradescope. Please make sure you are familiar with the late day policy and collaboration policy on the syllabus.

Assignment Structure

For each homework assignment, there will usually be two things to submit:

  • A Conceptual portion that asks you to solve conceptual questions about that week’s materials. This part counts towards the Concept Portion of your assignment grade. You will turn in Concept portions on Gradescope.

  • A Programming portion that asks you to answer questions or do an analysis involving programming. This counts towards your Programming portion of your final grade. You will turn in Programming portions on EdStem.


Submit the quiz directly on Gradescope: Quiz submission


Complete and submit the Jupyter notebook of the programming assignment here: Programming submission

This and other Programming portions will be using EdStem as your tool to edit your solutions. We will use a programming format known as a “Jupyter Notebook” this quarter, as they are a common tool amongst data scientists to develop and communicate their results. EdStem supports hosting and running of Jupyter Notebooks, as well as providing us means for autograding them.

When you first visit the assignment, you will get a copy of the starter code (called a “Scaffold”). You will then be freely able to edit your starter code with whatever work you want. You can always reset your code back to the Scaffold by clicking the “…” on the top-right and then “Reset to Scaffold”. But be careful! That will erase all of your current work.