Note: This assignment will look very different than our other assignments. We recommend that you start this assignment early to make sure you get all the basic setup out of the way first. Using a new course tool (Kaggle in this case) can sometimes be tricky and prone to technical difficulties on your end.


HW4 - Kaggle Project

Due Tuesday 07/26 at 11:59 pm.


You may submit any part of the assignment assignment as many times as you want before the late cutoff (remember submitting after the due date will cost late days). To submit on Gradescope, you must press the “Submit and View Submission” button after typing in all of your answers. To submit on EdStem, you should use the Mark button to submit your code.

Please make sure you are familiar with the late day policy and collaboration policy on the syllabus.

Assignment Structure

For each homework assignment, there will usually be two things to submit:

  • A Concept portion that asks you to solve conceptual questions about that week’s material. This part counts towards the Concept Portion of your assignment grade. You will turn in Concept portions on Gradescope.
  • A Programming portion that asks you to answer questions or do an analysis involving programming. This counts towards your Programming portion of your final grade. You will turn in Programming portions on EdStem.

Unlike our practice HW0, this assignment and the remaining will not show you the correct answers when you submit. There are some tests we show you on EdStem to help you ensure the type of your answer is the one we are expecting, but it does not check the correctness of your answers.

TAs will be grading your assignments by hand for any portions that require manual grading and to ensure you wrote code to solving these problems (e.g., rather than typing in hard-coded answers you got from somewhere else).



Complete the Concept portion on Gradescope. The concept portion should be completed indvidually even if you are working with a group for the Kaggle/programming portion.


Submit code Kaggle Submission

Note: On Kaggle it lists the close date as two days after the due date listed here. This is intended since Kaggle does not support late submissions. The homework and your submission on Kaggle is due by the due date listed here, but you may use late days and turn it in late.

This assignment is different in that we will also be using Kaggle to evaluate the models you train. You can find the full instructions for assignment on Kaggle (link above)

As a brief summary of what you need to submit:

  • Your notebook for training the edX student model should be submitted on Gradescope. This should include your report answers as text/markdown cells in the notebook explaining the relevant portions of the code or answering any questions posed.
  • The model predictions on the test data should be submitted on Kaggle.
  • We strongly recommend using the Google Colaboratory started code linked from the Kaggle assignment.