Final Exam

The final exam will be a take-home exam released on Wed 8/17 at 9:00am and due Thurs 8/18 at 11:59pm. It will be designed to take the length of one lecture (1 hour 50 minutes) to complete, and you can complete it anytime in the 24+ hour window it is open. To free up time for taking the final exam, lecture and discussion sections will be canceled on the days the final exam is open. You may refer to any notes you took during this class, or any of the course material (e.g., on the course website, EdSTEM, or Gradescope). However, you may not refer to any other website or source while taking the final exam.

You will complete and submit the final exam on Gradescope. We won’t provide any help beyond clarifying questions.

In case you are unable to take exams, you must notify Amal as soon as posssible to schedule an arrangement. Failure to do sure will result in zero credit. If you require extra time and receive DRS accommodations, you must schedule the final exam with the DRS ahead of time. We will provide onsite TAs who can assist you during your exam at the DRS office.


Here are some review materials that have been put together by past and current course staff. Like with training a good ML model, you will want to use good training practices to make sure you properly assessing your understanding of the material. We recommend that you save the practice exam until later in your studying so that you can use it as a un-biased estimate of your test accuracy. When taking the practice exam, try to take it like you would the real exam (i.e. time yourself, try to do the whole thing without breaks our looking at your notes).