HW5 - Bias and Fairness in ML (24 points)

Due Friday 05/06 at 11:59 pm.

You may submit any part of the assignment as many times as you want before the late cutoff (remember submitting after the due date will cost late days). Everything must be submitted on Gradescope. Please make sure you are familiar with the late day policy and collaboration policy on the syllabus.

Assignment Structure

For this homework assignment, there will only be two things to submit:

  • A Conceptual portion that asks you to solve conceptual questions about that week’s materials
    • Quiz: You must take it on Gradescope. You have unlimited attempts. The quiz will be autograded but results won’t be released until after the deadline.
    • Written questions: You must submit a typeset PDF on Gradescope and attach the correct pages on Gradescope.



Please find the written assignment questions here: hw5.pdf

Submit the written questions directly on Gradescope: Written submission


Submit the quiz directly on Gradescope: Quiz submission