CSE 413

This is the main website for CSE 413. Please use the navigation bar at the top of this page to find important resources and links on this site. Some additional resources, particularly links to lecture recordings, zoom meetings, and the course gradebook, are on the course Canvas web page.


6/13: Final grades have been turned in and we're done for the quarter. Congratulations on a great quarter, have a great summer, and best wishes for the future!

3/25: Welcome to the website for CSE 413 for Spring Quarter, 2023. Please send mail to cse413-staff[at]cs if you spot any unexpected problems.


Instructor: Hal Perkins (perkins[at]cs – but please use cse413-staff[at]cs for mail)

Teaching Assistants: Aditya Akhileshwaran, Aaminah Alam, Allan Jl, Yigao Li, Vani Panuganti, Yilin Zhang

Contact Info: Please use the message board (link at the top of the page) whenever possible. The answer to your question is likely to be helpful to others in the class, and by using the discussion board, it will be available to them as well. Feel free to use private messages on the discussion board for questions that contain detailed code or should not be shared with the rest of the class. However, for grading or other issues that require tracking or followup from the course staff, please send mail to cse413-staff[at]cs.


Lectures: MWF 10:30-11:20 in CSE2 G10. Lectures will be recorded using panopto. See the course canvas page for links. Lecture slides and other items will be posted on the course calendars here, generally by the evening before each class.

Although lectures will be recorded, this class is not a distance-learning or hybrid class. Recordings are intended for review, or to help when unavoidable absences such as illness occur, not to replace class attendance. Recent experience has shown that significant numbers of students who regularly miss class struggle with the material, find it hard to keep up, and do not do as well in the course. You should plan to attend class regularly.

Office Hours: In-person, zoom, and hybrid at scheduled times during the week. Times and locations will be posted on the main course calendar. Zoom links are on the course canvas calendar page.