Lectures in the age of Zoom

This quarter we're using Zoom for lectures. We'll also use it for office hours. The general ideas here will also be useful in those other settings, but people holding office hours may want to do some things differently. We've now used Zoom for UW classes for several quarters and have some experience with how to do it, but we can definitely make changes as we go if there are things we could do better. Please contribute your ideas, experiences, and suggestions -- the class discussion board is a great place for this.

But first: Even if you have used the Zoom app before, please open it, check for updates, and update to the most recent version. There have been several useful Zoom updates recently, including some useful options for handling breakout rooms, and we will want to be able to take advantage of some of this. But you'll need the latest Zoom app for this to work.

We are using the UW Zoom-in-Canvas interface to make real-time and recorded lectures available to students in the class. Here's the plan for how lectures will work in CSE 413 this quarter:

Good luck and be sure to post reactions, suggestions, and comments to the class discussion board so we can get better at this as we go.

*UW has a Privacy Office and they tell us to include this statement in our course materials since we're going to be recording the class:

This course is scheduled to run synchronously at your scheduled class time via Zoom. These Zoom class sessions will be recorded. The recording will capture the presenter’s audio, video and computer screen. Student audio and video will be recorded if they share their computer audio and video during the recorded session. The recordings will only be accessible to students enrolled in the course to review materials. These recordings will not be shared with or accessible to the public.

The University and Zoom have FERPA-compliant agreements in place to protect the security and privacy of UW Zoom accounts. Students who do not wish to be recorded should: