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 CSE 413 Autumn 2004 - Programming Languages and their Implementation
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CSE 413
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Meeting times and locations
Lectures MWF 2:3-3:20 PM, MGH 254 (Note location change)
Luke McDowell
Office Hours: Mon 1:30-2:20, Wed 3:30-4:20 (and by appointment) in CSE 214
Email: lucasm at cs.washington.edu
Teaching Assistant
Lincoln Ritter
Office Hours: 10-11 Tues, 11-12 Thurs (and by appointment) in the Math Sciences Computing Lab
Email: lritter at cs.washington.edu
Your comments (both positive AND negative) are very valuable to us. It is our aim to give you a high quality of education in this course, so please send any and all comments to this anonymous feedback form. It is completely confidential.

Please see the syllabus for some important info that might save you some money.

Students enrolled in CSE 413 should be automatically enrolled in the course email list; the message archive is also available. This email list will be used for course announcements.

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