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 CSE403 Lecture Notes (Autumn 1999)
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Lecture 1, Overview (Notkin) 

Lecture 2. Models (Kimura)

Lecture 3. Requirements (Kimura)

Lecture 4. Prototyping (Kimura)

Lecture 5. Use cases and Object Models (Notkin)

Lecture 6. Project Management (Notkin)

Lecture 7. Design: Overview (Notkin)

Lecture 8. Design: Information Hiding (Notkin)

Lecture 9. Guest Speaker (Mark Wegman from IBM Research)

Lecture 10. Design Workshop (Kimura)

Lecture 11. Design Workshop Continued (Kimura)

Lecture 12. Layering and Design Patterns (Notkin)

Lecture 13. Design Reviews

Lecture 14. Real World Design and Project Management (Kimura)

Lecture 15. Testing (Overview) (Notkin) (PDF)

Lecture 16. Testing (Continued) (Notkin) (PDF)

Lecture 17. Finding the bugs (Kimura)

Lecture 18. Fixing the bugs (Kimura)

Lecture 19. Design Reviews

Lecture 20. Fixing the bugs (Continued) (Kimura)

Lecture 21. Performance Issues (Kimura)

Lecture 22. Reviews, Inspections, Walkthroughs (Notkin) [based on slides from Philip Johnson, U. Hawaii] (PDF)

Lecture 23.  Demos of prototypes

Lecture 24. Software Evolution (Notkin)

Lecture 25. Reverse Engineering, etc. (Notkin) (PDF)

Lecture 26. When to Ship it (Kimura)

Lecture 27.  Patterns and anti-patterns in SE (Frits Habermann, RealNetworks) (PDF)

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