Assignment 4 - Test Plan


This assignment will give you experience working with the various testing techniques. You will use the black-box testing techniques described in class to analyze parts of the HTML formatter from assignments 2 and 3. Because of the complexity of the formatter, you will not be required to write a test plan for every aspect of the problem, but will instead use different techniques to analyze parts of the problem. You should discover that different analyses work well on different parts of the problem, so try to find appropriate matches.

What to hand in

Use each of the following techniques to analyze some portion of your program. The techniques can be applied to a single module (like the parser) or to some specific black-box behaviour of the program as a whole (appending a URL listing to the output).
Equivalence Classes
Produce equivalence classes for 4-6 conditions for some aspect of the program. Try to select an aspect of the program which can be adequately covered by these conditions.
Boundary Values
Produce 5-6 boundary values. These are values which live at the border of input or output equivalence classes.
Cause-Effect Graphs
Produce a small cause-effect graph for some aspect of the program. The graph should include 15-20 cause or effect nodes (total).
Decision table
Write a decision table from your cause-effect graph.
Test cases
Use your analyses to write no more than 20 test cases. For each case, describe the source (one of your analyses or made up from scratch), the purpose (what bugs are you hoping to find), the input and the expected output.

Due Date

May 15, 1996
Adam Carlson