Status Report

Due: Individual status reports by every Monday 23:00
Due: Team status reports by every Wednesday 23:00

Weekly status reports help to keep your boss, the executives, the customers, and yourselves informed about your progress. It ensures that you understand your problems, notice if you are unproductive, and get help.

Just like in a real software development project, each week

Each status update should have three sections. Each section is typically about the size of a paragraph, but it can be organized as bullet points or in some other clear way.

You might find it helpful to read the more detailed instructions for writing a research status report from which the CSE 403 guidelines have been adapted.


Your team's git repository should contain a top-level directory called reports, with subdirectories named week1, week2, ..., week11. Your group should (in your documentation and every other respect) pretend that these directories do not exist — they are for the convenience of the course staff.

You will commit your individual status reports to the appropriate directory with a filename of uwnetid.txt. Your team status report will appear in a file named team.txt. Neither team nor individual status reports are required for the first week of the project.