CSE 403 Project 7: Draft final report

Submit a draft final report describing your project to Canvas and commit the same file to your repo. It should contain every part of a technical or scientific article. Your project should be substantially complete, though perhaps you will add some more data (such as new subject programs). You should include discussion and lessons learned. Move information about schedule to an appendix for this submission; you won't submit that in the final report.

Your paper should reference your repositories. Your repositories should be up to date, clearly indicating how someone who is not a member of your team can reproduce all the results in your paper. This includes, but is not limited to, creating the same tables and figures as appear in your paper.

This is your last chance to get feedback on your project to ensure that it is a success, so make the report do justice to your hard work over the quarter.

At the end of your document, state many hours you spent on the assignment.

Customer feedback

Your team will act as another team's customer.

Peer review rubric