CSE 403 Project 6b: Project Presentation

You will present your project in class. Plan for a 10 minute presentation. Don't prepare more than 10 minutes of material. All members of your team should be prepared for questions. Please pay attention and ask questions when you are in the audience.

There are only two weeks until you submit your final report, so you should think of this presentation as giving solid results that you will only augment slightly before submitting your final report. This presentation and your draft final report (due early the next week) are your last opportunity to get feedback to ensure that your project will be a success, so make the most of it. In many cases it is appropriate for your presentation to include a demo.

Submit your slides in PDF format to the Canvas assignment: "Proj-6b: Project Presentation" before Thursday night 11pm. Also commit it to reports/week8/ directory of your repository. Bring your own laptop to class, with the slides loaded and an appropriate connector. Prepare your demo program, if any, in a ready state since the time budget is limited.

Also commit a README.txt file to your repository alongside your slides that indicates many hours you spent on the assignment.