CSE 403 Project 4b: User Manual and Begin Implementation

You have made plans for your project, and now it is time to start implementing them.

As always, submit a revision of your project report, incorporating all feedback you have received so far.


Commit, to the week6 directory, two PDF files: one named report.pdf and one named manual.pdf. The manual.pdf file is a rendering or a duplicate of the manual which is available elsewhere in your repository. Submit the same two documents via Canvas. Don't copy-and-paste or repeat information word-for-word between the two documents. (That would be tedious and error-prone for you to maintain, and tedious for others to read.)

You should start implementation, working in your repository. (Most teams have already begun, and they should continue to make progress.) All code in your repository should be code-reviewed.

Your repository should contain a complete user manual. A person looking at your repository should be able to easily find the user manual. The user manual is focused solely on people who want to use your project. The user manual should describe your project as you expect it to be at the end of the quarter. Even a tool without a GUI has a user manual.

The user manual may have similarities to your report, but they are not the same, because they have a different audience. Your report is most likely an investigation of some claim or thesis. The report also contains information about your team's plans, and implementation details. Avoid duplication between the two documents, except as needed to make each one self-contained. Your report can reference the manual if appropriate, to avoid duplication.

Be prepared to demo your initial implementation during your TA meeting this week and each subsequent week.

We suggest that you follow the Git conflict resolution tutorial. When Git conflicts come up later in the quarter, you will be happy that you did.

Customer feedback

As usual, your team will act as another team's customer.

Peer review rubric


Sun Apr 15, 8pm
Added link to Git conflict resolution tutorial.