CSE 403 Project 4a: Project Presentation

You will present your project in class. Plan for a 12-minute presentation. Don't prepare more than 10 minutes of material. All members of your team should be prepared for questions. Please pay attention and ask questions when you are in the audience.

Remember the advice on how to give a technical presentation, and review Heilmeier's Catechism which is always a good guide when proposing a project. You have limited presentation time. Your presentation should cover the most important information that one of your peers would need to know in order to understand, evaluate, and give feedback on your project. This includes, for example:

Commit slides in their editable format, and also in PDF, to the reports/week6 directory of your repository, and also submit the PDF to Canvas. If your slides are in Google Docs, then you cannot commit the editable format; instead, commit a README.txt file with the URL.

Also commit a README.txt file to your repository alongside your slides that indicates many hours you spent on the assignment.

Presentations this quarter

Presentations are an important skill that few classes emphasize. Your group will give 3 presentations during the quarter (one every 3 weeks). At most two people may present each time. You must spread the presentation load evenly: everyone must present at least once during the quarter, and everyone should present the same number of times (give or take one presentation). Everyone should understand the material in each presentation, and we reserve the right to ask questions of anyone on your team.