CSE 403 Assignment 11: Reflection

This is an individual assignment.

Write a 1-2 page reflection of lessons learned from the project experience. The lessons can be in terms of research questions, specifications, design, planning, teamwork, implementation, etc. Below are some questions that you might answer, though the format and specifics are up to you. You will be graded on the thoughtfulness and insight of your answers, not on what you actually believe.

What advice would you give future students? What worked well? What would you do differently next time? What do you wish you had known ahead of time?

What surprised you? What do you now believe that you did not believe at the beginning of the quarter, and why? What ideas taught in class do you still not believe, and why?

Are you happy/proud of the work you completed? If not, why, and what could you (not others) have changed so that you were happy/proud of your accomplishments? Do you think others on your team feel the same way you do?

Optional: feedback on the class

Finally, the staff is also very interested in your feedback about what went well in the class, and what should be done differently in the future. Creating a class is like engineering a system: tradeoffs are required (some of which are not immediately obvious to someone who has not studied the domain), and some problems are inevitable, but feedback helps to identify which ones are most important and to fix those in the future. You'll have an opportunity to fill out a course evaluation form, which we encourage you to complete. We also welcome additional comments in person, by email, etc. Providing us such feedback is not a requirement and will not be graded. You may provide it before or after grades have been submitted. We find non-anonymous feedback more useful, but you may submit it anonymously if you prefer. Thanks!

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