Topic overviews

Sections this week are brainstorming for project ideas, in order to make you more successful in your project pitches, and in your project.

You should come to the brainstorming session with a couple of ideas — that is, you should prepare before the session. (Research shows that the most successful way to generate good ideas is for individuals to brainstorm individually before meeting as a group.)

During the session, you will share your ideas, discuss them, and get feedback. You will hear other people's ideas in order to inspire you. And the staff will answer any questions you have.

Here are the brainstorming group topics:

You will attend four different brainstorming groups: two groups during Tuesday's section and two during Thursday's section.

To prepare for the brainstorming session, do a miniature version of homework 1 for each of four topics. Think about problems (experienced by you or by other people), their root causes, and how they might be solved. Read the topic descriptions and example projects (linked above). Do some exploration of your own, especially for the topics that you are most interested in. The better-prepared you are, the more you will get from the section.

Feel free to attend office hours for additional feedback.