Old announcements

May 9
The syllabus has a tip about how to enable Canvas notifications.
April 24
To accommodate Mike's travel, the lecture and section have been swapped on May 14 and 15, and also on May 17 and 18. Note the non-standard location for the lectures. If your meeting with your TA is outside the usual section time, it will still be on Thursday rather than being moved to Friday.
April 18
Starting next week, your team status report should include an agenda for your meeting with your TA. You should already have been preparing these; we are just asking all teams to put them in a consistent location.
March 29
Mike has added extra office hours on Friday, for people to discuss their project ideas or any other topic.
March 28
The syllabus has been posted.
March 25
We have released the first two homework assignments:

The homework is front-loaded this week, because we want to get a quick start; there won't be anything due on Thursday or Friday. I suggest that you start looking over these two assignments as soon as you can. If you cannot do so until Monday, you still have enough time to complete the assignments.

CSE 403 is a class about software development, in which you will work as a team. This quarter is a little different than some past offerings of CSE 403, in that the topic of the project is also software development. That is, your project will involve creating, improving, or evaluating a software development tool. We prototyped this approach last year, and it was a big success. It helped students to learn even more about software development, from multiple perspectives. The projects were more realistic, and more often continued to be used beyond the end of quarter.