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CSE 403, Spring 2014
Assignment: Status Reports

Individual status reports:
Due: Mondays by 23:00
Turn-in: Use the Catalyst turn-in link on the course website.

Team status reports:
Due: Tuesdays by 23:00
Turn-in: Use the Catalyst turn-in link on the course website.

Weekly status reports help to keep the executives, the customers, and yourselves informed about your progress. CSRocks is asking you to send them a brief team status update each week. Additionally, you will send an individual status update to your team each week. The team status update must fit on a single page, and most individual status updates will, too.

Each status update should have three sections. Each section is typically about the size of a paragraph, but it can be organized as bullet points or in some other clear way.

You may find it helpful to read the more detailed instructions for writing a research status report from which the CSE 403 guidelines have been adapted.


Your individual status report should be available to your teammates and to the course staff. We recommend emailing them to your team mailing list, where they will show up in its archives, using a descriptive subject line so they can be easily found. You may use some other mechanism (such as committing them to your repository), but your team development webpage must indicate how to find them, and they should be timestamped. You must also submit them to the Catalyst dropbox.

Your team status report will be submitted using Catalyst dropbox.