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Software Tools

The basic software packages for this class are installed in the CSE labs. If needed, additional links will be provided here as the quarter progresses.


Class projects may need access to a database for their operation. We have set up mySQL and postgreSQL servers to support the class. When you know your needs, please contact a TA with the specifics. We'll work with you to provide access to a database package.

Source configuration control

You will need to use a configuration management system of some sort during the projects. One relatively simple to use system is CVS. You can download the simple command line interface tool here [cvs wiki]. There are several GUI clients for CVS, eg WinCVS and TortoiseCVS. There is a UW ACM primer on CVS [link] and the main CVS manual is at [doc]. Some software development environments, like Eclipse, have CVS support built in and available for use.

Source configuration statistics

The tool StatCVS is easy to use and produces quite nice reports even with minimal configuration. Something else you may want to pursue is a tool to mail out each night, the cvs changes that were committed that day.

Unit Testing

Junit and Cunit are installed on the lab machines and available for unit testing of your project components. Follow this link for UW CSE junit/cunit specifics.

Bug Tracking

Bugzilla is available for the class to use.

Wiki Pages

Wiki pages are a great, lightway way to communicate with your team and keep everyone aligned with current information. Once teams are made, the TAs will create a page for each team to use as they feel appropriate. See Wiki from Wikipedia, for a wiki description. The department uses MediaWiki to mange the course wiki pages.

Mailing Lists

You can create a team mailing list through Mailman/C&C