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General Grading Information

General information about grading at the University of Washington is available as part of the University of Washington Student Guide. A general description of what the grades mean is available as part of the Faculty Resource on Grading.

Weighting of Scores

The scores you receive on the various graded tasks in the class will be weighted as follows in order to determine your total score for the class:

10%LCO (project idea)
10%LCA (project architecture/plan)
20%Reflective Essays (2)
15%Beta Release
20%Final Release
20%Final Exam
5%Participation (class and project)
100%Your Total Score for the class

Your scores for the Beta Release and Final Release will have both an individual and group component. 75% of the grade will be based on the project deliverable (group grade) and 25% will be based on your individual contribution to the deliverable, as assessed by self reviews, peer reviews, and staff input.

Assignments must be turned in by the due date in order to contribute to your grade.

Scores on the Web

Your scores on the various graded tasks in the class will be available over the web through your MyUW account. You need your UWNetID and password in order to get access. To configure MyUW, do the following.