Reading Key

Future information is tentative and subject to change.

Date Day Class Topic Reading Assignments Notes
Mar 27 Mon Introduction RD: 1,2, Things they would not teach me in college (Brechner) Assg1-LCO/project proposal Find out what the class is about!
Mar 29 Wed Day1Input, Software Development Lifecycles-Part1 RD:7,10,21,25,35,36
Mar 30 Thu Life Cycle Objectives (LCO) Boehm: p1-10 Relates 100% to your LCO assignment
Mar 31 Fri Software Development Lifecycles-Part2, Product Pitches Assgn1 group selection due by 11:59pm. Sign up here.
Apr 3 Mon Software Projects - the challenges we face RD: 3.3
Apr 4 Tues Assg1-LCO due by 11:59pm, use "attu% turnin -c cse403 -p lco fn1 fn2"
Apr 5 Wed LCO Presentations
Apr 6 Thu LCO Presentations
Apr 7 Fri LCO Presentations Assg2-Essay, Agile Processes by R.C.Martin
Apr 8 Sat Project preferences due by 11:59pm: Survey Link here
Apr 10 Mon Project Selection, Lifecycle Architecture Boehm p1-10, SG:10 Assg3-LCA
Apr 12 Wed Software Requirements RD:10,14 PP:7
Apr 13 Thurs Project Pragmatics RD:4,18, PP:8 cvs, wikis, database support, etc
Apr 14 Fri Software Architecture SG:10,Software Architecture (Garlan) Use case template
Apr 17 Mon Software Teams RD:12,13, PP:8
Apr 19 Wed Working with others on your team BEST handouts Assg3-LCA due by 10pm, "attu% turnin -c cse403 -p lca"
Apr 20 Thu LCA Presentations LCA feedback form
Apr 21 Fri LCA Presentations
Apr 23 Sun Assg2-Essay due, "attu% turnin -c cse403 -p essay1 "
Apr 24 Mon Dave Socha/Design Assg4-Beta Mid quarter class feedback survey
Apr 26 Wed LCA presentation feedback, Design-Part 1 Criteria for decomposing systems into modules (Parnas), Code Complete, Ch 5, (McConnell)
Apr 27 Thu Development Tools (txt), JUnit example (tgz) (zip) Bugzilla, junit, cvsstat, etc
Apr 28 Fri NO CLASS - Engineering Open House
May 1 Mon Software Design at Amazon-Dennis Lee
May 3 Wed MidQuarter Survey, Design Part 2
May 4 Thu The Joel Test The Joel Test, Spolsky
May 5 Fri Composition, Quality Assurance RD:4.3, PP:p237-247
May 8 Mon Beta Release, Essay Feedback, Product Release - Good Enough? Good Enough Quality by Bach Self/Peer Review Form
May 9 Tues Assgn 4-Beta Release Due 10pm, "attu% turnin -c cse403 -p beta "
May 10 Wed Beta Release Demos Assg5-Essay
May 11 Thu Beta Release Demos
May 12 Fri Estimation PP p64-69, RD 8.1-8.4
May 14 Sun Self/Peer reviews due by 11:59pm
May 15 Mon SE Principles in Practice-Asaph Zemach, Google Assg6-Final Release
May 17 Wed 3rd Party Software
May 18 Thu Hard Conversations
May 19 Fri Wayne Yamamoto, Merchant Circle
May 21 Sun Assg5-Essay due, "attu% turnin -c cse403 -p essay2 "
May 22 Mon Intellectual Property - Part I
May 24 Wed Refactoring, Valentin Razmov
May 25 Thu Project time
May 26 Fri Intellectural Property - Part II
May 29 Mon NO CLASS - Memorial Day
May 30 Tues Assg 6-Final release due 10pm
May 31 Wed Final Release Demos
Jun 1 Thu Final Release Demos
Jun 2 Fri Last day of class
Jun 5 Monday Final Exam - 8:30-10:30am Final Exam