Weekly Project Status Report

Each week the class will be responsible for presenting a project status report. It is up to you, the students, to decide who will craft and present this report. Note that this is a report on the entire project, not a report on a particular team.

This status should answer the question:

What progress was made this week toward delivering your project on 15 Aug?

The purpose of this report is to keep the team on track toward fulfilling the project's goals. This includes making clear when those goals need to change, either because of new opportunities or newly understood limitations. The person presenting this report is responsible for stating and supporting their assessment of the state of the project. If a student does not agree with the assessment, it is that student's responsibility to raise his or her concerns in a respectful way during the project status meeting. The point of the meeting is to assure that all members of the project are on the same track.

This report consists of both:

Responses will consist of both: