Ranking teams

Teams are the most important unit of production for an organization. While it might appear that individuals are the most important unit of productivity, it is the results of teams that make the most difference. Projects are fulfilled by teams, not by individuals, even when there is only a single software engineer in a team. This exercise will help you put your focus on teams.

Every few weeks (see schedule) you will rank the other sub-teams according to your assessment of their contributions. The ranking must be strict with 1 being best, 2 next best, and so on. No ties are allowed.

You will provide separate ranks for each of the following aspects of the other sub-team's performance:

You also may, if you wish, provide reasons for your rankings. These optional comments will be designated by you as either private (for instructors' eyes only) or public (to be published with the ranking summaries).

We will publish summaries of these results to the class.