Reflective essays

Every week you will have at least one reflective essay assignment. We are looking for stories about things meaningful to you, to be communicated in a way that they are meaningful to the reader. The goal of these essays is for you to reflect upon, capture, and synthesize what you have learned from this course, in a way that communicates this to the reader (the instructors). Good essays have solid content, clear style, are grounded in assertions, and communicate well. 

Good code, by the way, has exactly the same characteristics as good essays. It communicates well to the people reading the code. Excellent software developers tend to also be excellent writers. In the end, writing code and writing essays are both about communicating effectively.

Good essays draw in and touch the reader.

Our grading will reward essays that:

The grading metric is a mix of subjective and objective:

0 = not turned in 
1 = below expectations 
2 = met expectations 
3 = surpassed expectations

Here are some examples of what I consider to be good reflective essays:

I like this essays because it tells a story about how he was surprised by a situation, how he struggled internally to make sense of it, and how it changed his beliefs about what was possible. 

After reading this essay, reflect upon: