Use Case Data Flows

1st Case:

  1. user enters customer data
  2. add customer object to model
  3. add customer to scheduler
  4. send address to mapper
  5. mapper returns corresponding zone
  6. send Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) to model
  7. store customer in data store
  8. ETA to dispatcherUI

2nd Case:

  1. scheduler task fires
  2. zone object retrieved from model for customer pickup
  3. task generates request for a ride (sends request through model)
  4. accept / reject sent through model to scheduler
  5. scheduler tells model results of accept / reject
  6. model relays info to data store

3rd Case:

  1. dispatcher requests customer state from model
  2. model requests customer state from scheduler
  3. send data from scheduler to model
  4. send state from model to dispatcher - return value