USE CASES for the Evergreen cab company dispatch system


Who wants what?

            Customer: Customer Gets Cab

                        How do they get it?

1) Customer calls / uses internet site / flags cab down.

            What else could happen?

                        a) Phone is busy

§         Set up an automated phone message to put client on hold

b) No answer

§         Set up an automated phone message to refer client to website

c) Website is down

§         Refer to 1-800 number, from website

2) Dispatcher finds cab.


o       Address, Phone #, Number of Riders, Name, Time

o       When dispatcher is trying to look for a cab (step 2), dispatcher never calls any cab. Dispatcher  only calls a cab in step 3, “Dispatcher calls/dispatches cab”

o       The dispatcher’s task of looking for a cab is completed when he has chosen a particular cab and determined it’s availability

            What else could happen?

                        a) Can’t find an open cab

§         All cabs are busy à Get the next available cab

§         No cabs present à Recommend alternative

b) Customer changes order (through phone or walk-in)

§         Customer cancels à Stop looking for a cab

§         Customer changes number of people à Start over

c) Incomplete info from customer

§         Try to contact customer to complete info


3) Dispatcher calls/dispatches cab.

            What else could happen?

                        a) Problem communicating with cab

§         Treat this cab as disabled

                        b) Cab is disabled (flat tire, etc)

§         Cab removed from the system as one that is not currently running at all, dispatcher get next available cab

§         Cab is placed in a special queue that will save the cabbies place in line, and the dispatcher gets the nest available cab

                        c) Cabbie does not know location to be dispatched to

§         Should be an exclusive routing system to deal with this, use that.

§         Dispatcher gives directions to cabbie (system has access to map-quest or equivalent).

4) Driver picks up customer.

5) Driver takes customer to destination.

            What else could happen?

                        a) Car breaks down / immobilized

§         Notify dispatcher over CB/network

§         Let person pay and leave if possible

§         Request new cab if customer desires

                        b) Customer changes destination

§         Change destination with dispatcher / system

                        c) Legal debacle (failure of payment)

§         Override availability – through system or dispatcher

§         Signal “off-duty”

§         Emergency button – “911”

                        d) Cabbie gets lost

§         Reference on board map display

§         Call dispatcher for directions

                        e) System failure

§         Onboard PC failure à Call dispatcher on CB

§         CB failure à Call dispatcher on Network

§         Other failure à default cab to immobilized state

f) Cab driver immobilized

§         Hit 911 button on display

6) Customer pays

            What else could happen?

                        a) Customer tries to pay with check

§         Collect name and address

§         Deal with on a case by case basis à override paid

                        b) Credit card reader fails

§         Punch in number by hand

§         Log number, review later

                        c) Credit card rejected

§         Try other method (cash)

§         Collect name and address

Also see cases C, E, & F from Level 2, #5

7) Driver calls dispatcher (via radio / telephone / console in cab).

Assumptions: States: Free, Busy, Accident, Customer didn’t show, Customers destination not valid, Traffic, Emergency

      What else could happen?

                        a) System is down

§         Have a backup system

§         Have a detailed error message

b) No radio connection

§         Have a robust radio system

c) No telephone connection / line busy

§         Have a dedicated telephone number for drivers

§         Have a manual / status journal

Supervisor: Gets Reports

            How do they get it?

1)      Logs into system

What else could happen?

                        a) Improper password or auth. level (or network problem)

§         Contact system administrator

2)      Chooses specific reports from menu of options

What else could happen?

                        a) Unsure of which report is appropriate for desired info

§         Pop up description of each report

                        b) Desired info is not in any report

§         Contact system admin for help w/ customized report

                        c) Decides not to chose from any reports

§         Option to exit from report menu

3)      Enters parameters of reports

What else could happen?

                        a) Not all parameters are centered

§         Reports have default parameters

                        b) Decides not to choose any reports

§         Option to exit from report menu

                        c) Enters invalid parameters

§         Error message alerts to bad parameter(s)

4)      Displays / Prints Reports

                What else could happen?

                        a) Display only

                        b) Display and print

                        c) Option to save output of report to file

                        c) Decides not to display/print report

§         Option to exit from report menu