Teams Update
Monday, July 29, 2002

The SegFaults

Team Status

Team Plan

  1. where you are w/ respect to goal. Where ahead in some parts and behind in others.
    Hopefully by wed/thur we can start testing the scheduler and by friday we will start having some basic acceptance tests. Overall about 45% towards our goal
  2. next week's plan
    1) Finish Mapper internals on tuesday
    2) Finish MapperUI on wednesday
    3) Finish Scheduler by Friday
    4) Have at least one data throughput acceptance test done by friday
  3. est. time
    1) 15 man hours
    2) 18 man hours
    3) 15 man hours
    4) 6 man hours

Suggestions, Advice, Solicit/Offer help
Here is the bug tracking tool David was suggesting we look at

Mikam Tribe


Team Plan

Note to class: We should discuss more use cases and diagram them as the
team leads did last Friday. These were very useful to look at when
writing code.

Team Doug

The Masters


Suggestions, Advice, Solicit/Offer help

Team Tsunami