How to Set up our Servers

David says: This is what UrbanSim uses. We still have some details to iron out on this for CSE 403.

While we don't expect to set up a server often, it is good to have notes about what it takes to do so, just in case.

Linux Build Computer is our current Linux build computer, a dual processor Pentium running RedHat 7.1 and maintained by the CSE lab staff.

Setting up our Fireman Build System

Windows Build Computer

[Doesn't exist yet]

Linux File Server is our file and CVS server, also maintained by the CSE lab staff.

Third-Party Tools

In addition to the global tools and libraries on the build machine (above), we also have the /projects/urbansim/third-party directory containing all the other necessary pieces. If you want to use these pieces (and you do, if you want to build the UrbanSim code on Linux), you can set all the necessary path and environment variables by 'source'ing the user-cshrc file.

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