Acceptance Test 

System Startup

Build #0891

Test 1


A full system startup (specified in the link above) is run to see if the system is capable of running. Then the system is shutdown and restarted to see if it remembered any state information it was suppose to save (like map information).


The server output is a true representation of the activity running in the internals of the system. The database is functioning correctly. 


1.      Enter new map data into MapperUI, then hit “Save” to finish starting the server. 

2.      Start up two DispatcherUIs and two Cab ConsoleUIs

3.      Make sure system can pass a few cabs through

4.      Shutdown system and restart it again

5.      If MapperUI loads up previously entered data properly then the test is a pass

See Acceptance Tests #1-4 



See Acceptance Tests #1-4


Result: Pass

The procedures in this test ended up being a subset of the procedures followed in Acceptance Tests #1-4. Since those passed so does this test.



prepared by The SegFaults
August 15, 2002