Acceptance Test 

Use Case # 4

Build #0891

Test 1


A cab needs to be able to pick up an assigned customer and drop off him off by starting and stopping the meter.


The server output is a true representation of the activity running in the internals of the system.   


1.      Start up the system as in the acceptance test #1, until an ETA is returned. I.e. run the following     procedure:  

         Start up the server by running setup_model_rmi_server.bat in D:\eclipse\workspace\DemoProject on one lab machine.

         Start up 2 DispatcherUIs on 2 separate machines making sure to update the machine ip address* in setup_dispatcher_ui_rmi_client.bat and then start the batch files.

         In each of the DispatcherUI enter a fake customer that is unique and meets the aforementioned specifications.

         Pressed make reservation button in one of the DispatcherUI until an ETA is returned.

2.      Have a Cab Console accept the ride. 

3.      At some point after the cab has accepted the ride have the cab hit the start meter button.

4.      At some point after the cab has started meter button the cab should hit the stop meter button.

5.      If the cab console returns to a customer waiting state and the customer is logged properly the test is passed

See Acceptance Test #3 



See Acceptance Test #3


Result: Pass

The procedures in this test ended up being a subset of the procedures followed in Acceptance Test #3. Since that passed so does this test.



prepared by The SegFaults
August 15, 2002