Assignment 10

CSE 403: Software Engineering

Read your final chapter's worth of material from chapters 2-6 of The Pragmatic Programmer and write about:

  1. Which specific chapters and subsections are you reporting on this week? (Report either as chapter #, e.g. "chapter 3" or as subsection #, e.g. "subsections 14-17 & 23-25".)
  2. What ONE thing will you do during the next month that you would not have done if you had not read these parts of "The Pragmatic Programmer"? Why? (Hint: This does not have to be related to programming. Choose something that you can actually practice.)
  3. Reflect upon the ONE specific thing that you said you would do in the answer to question #2, above, from your last week's Pragmatic Programming writing. How well did it work? Were you satisfied? Why? Did it achieve the result you had expected? If not, was the unexpected better than the expected? Why or why not? What would you do differently to make it more successful next time? Why?
Note: Use no more than 1 page of plain ASCII text (do not use DOC, RTF, PS, PDF or other binary formats). Do not attach it - copy-and-paste it directly in your mailing program - it should be easy, not hard, for people to view what you have written.
Non-textual artifacts in the form of images, if any, are limited to 1 additional page. Use only common graphical formats, such as JPG and GIF. (If special software - other than a common browser - is needed in order to view your images, then you're doing something wrong.) Scan any images to JPG / GIF format and attach it to your electronic submission. If for some reason you are unable to scan your artifact, mention this in your submission and bring the artifact to class on that Monday.

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