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Course Staff:

Instructor: Richard Anderson, anderson@cs.washington.edu

Teaching Assistant: Mark Yamagishi, gishi@u.washington.edu

Office Hours:

Richard Anderson, Sieg 312, Tuesday 2:30-3:30 pm, Friday 10-11 am

Mark Yamagishi, EE1 265, Tuesday 1-2 pm, Thursday, 2-3 pm


There are two required books for the course, The Mythical Man-Month by Frederick Brooks, and Code Complete by Steve McConnell. Both of these books are excellent, and belong in any software engineering library. Mythical Man-Month was written in 1975 and republished in 1995 with four additional chapters including Brooks' famous "No silver bullet" essay.

Reading assigments

During the course, it is expected that you read both of the assigned books. MM-M should be read early in the quarter. Code complete can be read throughout the quarter. Specific sections of Code complete will be brought to your attention.

  • Monday, October 7. MM-M Chapters 1-8. What relevance could a book written in 1975 about a software project done in 1965 possibly have in the 21st century?
  • Monday, October 14. MM-M Chapters 9-15. Same question.

Writing assignment 1

Due Monday, October 21. Pick a random number x in the range [1,15]. Write a three page paper analyzing the relevance of Chapter x of MM-M to 2002.

Course mailing list archive

The Hypermail archive contains a log of all mail sent to the class mailing list cse403@cs. We will use this list for announcements of general interest to the class. Students should also feel free to use it to ask questions, post information, or initiate discussions of general interest to the class. Questions or comments that are not of general interest should instead be directed to a TA or instructor To add yourself to the class mailing list, send a message to cse403-request@cs with the message body:

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