12/22: Course grades have been submitted and we're done for the quarter. Congratulations on lots of good work during a difficult quarter. Best wishes for the holidays and for the new year.

9/28: Welcome to the website for CSE 401 and CSE M 501 for Fall Quarter, 2020. Please send mail to cse401-staff[at]cs if you spot any unexpected problems.

General information

Instructor: Hal Perkins (perkins[at]cs – but please use cse401-staff[at]cs for mail)

Teaching Assistants: Michael Flanders, Eunia Lee, Gavin Parpart, Anand Sekar, and Kris Wong

Lectures: MWF 2:30-3:20 via zoom (See the Canvas/Zoom info on our Resources page)


Sections will also use zoom conferencing.

See the course calendar for staff office hours viz zoom.

Please use the message board (link at the top of the page) whenever possible. The answer to your question is likely to be helpful to others in the class, and by using the discussion board, it will be available to them as well. For grading or other things not appropriate for the general discussion list, please send mail to cse401-staff[at]cs. (same list for CSE M 501)