General information

Instructor: Hal Perkins (perkins[at]cs – but please use cse401-staff[at]cs for mail)

Teaching Assistants: Aaron Johnston, Miya Natsuhara, Kory Watson, and Sam Wolfson

Lectures: MWF 2:30-3:20, CSE2 G01


See the course calendar for staff office hours.

Please use the message board (link at the top of the page) whenever possible once accounts are set up. The answer to your question is likely to be helpful to others in the class, and by using the discussion board, it will be available to them as well. For grading or other private matters, either send a private message on the discussion board or send mail to cse401-staff[at]cs.


11/12: Slides on project codegen for this week's sections added. We'll start on these in lecture tomorrow if we have time.

11/8: New lecture slides on compiler IRs.

11/4: Added information page about additonal project (or other) requirements for CSE M 501 students.

10/30: Semantics/typecheck part of the project posted. Due Thur. Nov. 14.

9/24: Welcome to the website for CSE 401 and CSE M 501 for Fall Quarter, 2019. Please send mail to cse401-staff[at]cs if you spot any unexpected problems.