CSE 401 17wi - Project Report

Due: Saturday, March 11 by 11:59 pm. No late reports will be accepted. You should turn in your report using the assignment drop box. Further instructions are at the bottom of this writeup.

Project Code

In fairness to everyone, all projects are due by the cutoff given in the final part of the assignment. Your report should describe the project that you turned in by the deadline (plus any late days if you and your partner had them available and used them). However, there is always that "last" bug. If you need to make minor changes to the code and discuss them in your report we may be able to take small bug fixes into account in evaluating the final state of the project - even if these fixes have major effects. But large changes or additions to the project after the deadline, while they may be very useful for your learning, cannot fairly be evaluated as if they were turned by the deadline. The overall project evaluation will be based on the code you turned in on time unless some small exceptions make sense to evaluate it fairly.


Please write a brief (a couple of pages should be more than enough) summary of your completed project describing:

  • What language features work (arithmetic expressions, if/while, object creation, dynamic dispatch, arrays, doubles, etc.).
  • What language features weren't implemented, don't work, or don't quite work.
  • A summary of the test programs you've tried and the results. Note the word "summary" - a lengthy dump of your test results is not helpful. We want to get an idea of how extensively you tested your code and how you organized the testing.
  • Any extra features or language extensions supported by your compiler: additional Java language constructs not part of basic MiniJava; extra error or semantics checking; assembly code formatting, comments, or other features; clever code generation or register allocation; optimizations; etc.
  • How work was divided among team members. If you split up the work, who was responsible for what, or if you worked together on everything, a description of how that went.
  • Brief conclusions: what was good, what could have been better, what you would have done differently or would have liked to have seen changed about the project.

Your report should discuss the entire project, not just the final code generation part, so we can use it to help evaluate the overall outcome.

Department of Pedantry Department: Please write the following at the top of the first page of your report:

CSE 401 Project Report, Winter 2017
<group id>
<cse userids>

Please expand the nonterminals <names> and <uwnetids> with your actual names and uw netids. The <group id> should be the 2-letter code identifying your group's CSE 401 GitLab repository for your project. Do not include a separate cover page.

What to Hand In

You should turn in your report using the online dropbox (link on the course home page) by the deadline. Each group should turn in a single report. Reports should be submitted as pdf files. Feel free to push a copy of the report to your GitLab repository for your own use, but the main copy of the report that will be evaluated needs to be submitted using the assignment dropbox so we can easily collect them.