CSE 401 Exams

This page contains links to some old exams and lists of topics that you should know. Different offerings of the course do not always cover exactly the same topics in the same order so you should feel free skip any questions that aren't included in this quarter's version of the course.

You may find some of the old CSE P 501 exams (the PMP compiler course) useful for studying

Suggestion: Don't try these exams until after you've done your studying. Then use them as a check for how well you are prepared.

Midterm Exams

Midterm topic list

This quarter's midterm: exam  sample solution

Old midterms: 11au (solution), 10au (solution), 10wi (solution)

Final Exams

Final topic list

This quarter's final: exam  sample solution

Old finals: 11au (solution), 10au (solution), 10wi (solution)