CSE401: Winter 2014: Introduction to Compiler Construction

Robert R. Henry


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  1. Lecture Syllabus written after the fact at the end of the quarter.
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Old Exams

  1. CSE401 2001 Midterm Questions
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  1. Project Setup and Git


  1. Main Programming Project
  2. Assignment 1: Refresh your memory on Unit Conversion
  3. Assignment 2: Write Mini Java Test Programs
  4. Assignment 3: Scanner for Mini Java
  5. Assignment 4: Parser and AST Builder for Mini Java
  6. Assignment 5: Expressions and Function Calls
  7. Assignment 6: Symbol Gathering (Classes, Methods and Variables)
  8. Assignment 7: Type Checking
  9. Assignment 8: Storage and Dispatch
  10. Assignment 9: Statement Counting
  11. Assignment 10: Doubles
  12. Assignment 11: Face to Face and Project writeup

The Tera/Cray MTA executing DGEMV, compared to Brand X super computer MTA-DGEMV.pdf. Which machine uses a CPU-side data cache?

An Inefficient Program, shown as an example of something that could be optimized CSE401-Inefficient-Program.pdf.

A computation (expression) tree and a bunch of instruction patterns for use with the example of Buttom Up Rewrite System (BURS), instruction selection and dynamic programming codegentrees.pdf.

When I finished my Master's and PhD some years ago, I wrote up a bunch of questions about what I wanted in a job in the tech industry. These musings have been passed around before at UW CSE, so here they are again. I'm happy to provide advice, (ir)relevant as it maybe!

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